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Future Planning Don't be a dinosaur! Take the accumulated knowledge of futurists, scenario planners and 2020, 2050 conference findings to project into the future and track the developments that will likely keep your business leading the pack.
Kathy English Brower Consulting offers the following workshops. We offer scheduled morning and full day workshops on a regular basis as well as Bespoke Presentations and Workshops for your company.
Time Management and momentum Reach targets and improve productivity by learning to schedule and prioritise in easy time management frameworks to create effective deadline and work flow systems.  Understand how to create momentum and flow in your business to obtain greater results. Organize and manage your work hours and work/life balance.
Neuro Linguistic Programming for Business A greater understanding of people, communication, feedback and consensus. Use the presuppositions, the questioning techniques and the rapport processes of NLP to understand your colleagues and clients more fully and to communicate more effectively.
Communication Greater effectiveness in communication with staff and clients through assessing their natural behavioural profiles and creating management and communication methodologies based on these profiles and other techniques.
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