BESPOKE WORKSHOPS Copyright  2013 AndiJean Creative
We also offer bespoke workshops for your company - based around any combination of subjects - we will tailor the best presenter and presentation for your needs. Kathy English Brower Consulting utilizes a range of well known top facilitators and presenters. Some of the subjects we can integrate into your workshop:
Leadership/Management High performance leadership Supervisory leadership Strategy design and implementation Conflict resolution/relationship enrichment Stretch targets Brave decisions Engaging Co-operation for business success - a brain based approach to realising your vision for 2013 Capacity creation Planning for success Goal alignment Knowledge vs action A 360 review As you sew so shall you reap Top down Leadership performance checklist Building Initiative and personal ownership Change starts with me Stress Management Interpersonal skills Develop sound business values Situational leadership Assertiveness Time Management Time Management
Communication Effective Communication Skills Articulating values Minimizing the risk of miscommunication Dialogue - a tool for difficult communications Service Customer Service Excellence Brand through the business HR Diversity and cultural awareness Changing human behaviour Emotional Intelligence Motivation and performance Managing Talent Internal marketing Ability to influence human behavior Make induction and probation count Presenting/facilitating Powerful presentation skills Facilitating effective meetings Leading and facilitating change Effective negotiation skills
Teams Team dynamics - team development/building Teamwork foundation Setting each other up for success Interpersonal skills Team players Managing your sales team Personality types and how to communicate Performance Peak performance Ongoing solid base review Explicit and implicit expectations Continual improvement Performance and consequence management Input and output Life Yoga For Business Managing Life Personal goals/business goals
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