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Kathy English Brower has been instrumental to the implementation and execution of a number of key strategic processes and operational policies within our business. We enlisted Kathy's services in order to formalize and facilitate some changes we needed to make within our company and received not only guidance but action plans and a tactical approach.  Much more than we had hoped for in other words. For our business specifically, Kathy's key skills included: Mediation and negotiation between department managers Restructuring of operational systems and communication networks Marketing and CRM strategy Management and business strategy Planning and effective time management I would have no hesitation in recommending Kathy.  She is professional, quick-thinking, strategic, passionate and highly knowledgeable. Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me. Julia Finnis-Bedford, Managing Director
Contact Kathy English Brower Consulting and start communicating 082 453 6055  |  kathy@kathyeb.co.za My angels are looking after me - having your invaluable, sensible, practical & friendly input is amazing. 		 Libbi Ball | Producer
Kathy always manages to astound me.  Her instinctive ability to drill down and identify the problem and almost simultaneously have a solution or else, she'll find someone in her little black book of experts, who will have the solution.  Kathy has consulted to Okuhle Media for close to 2 years now, providing objective, insightful and solid business advice and inspiration.  She has a excellent understanding of business and reflects a genuine concern for both the individual and the business thus finding a careful balance between the two. Her skill set allows her to work across a wide range of projects and business disciplines, from managing change, to employee development, to team building, strategy and marketing.  She has been excellent at working with all levels of our company to effect valuable changes in strategy, HR and operational issues. Okuhle has directly benefited from her expertise, she continues to enhance our company's value and culture and well as strengthen the vision and purpose of our executive team.   Needless to say, if you need business advice or just a business chat, I would highly recommend you call Kathy. Paula Brown, Managing Director